Top summer school application

Applying to top summer schools is no easier than applying to universities. The admission rate of SSP and ROSS is less than 10%, and the annual admission rate of RSI, Clark Scholar and other summer programs is as low as 5%, surpassing the undergraduate admission rate of the Top10 universities in the United States. The summer school application is a test ground for college applications, a dress rehearsal for college applications. Getting accepted into a program you've admired for a long time, or a place at a summer school you've been dreaming of, can help you put a shine on your application canvas. In addition to tailoring the application plan for students, HEC will also provide students with suggestions and applications for summer programs in need. From program selection, to program application guidance and visa application, HEC will work with students to find the best matching summer programs for the preparation of future undergraduate applications.

Students will gain

Recommended summer school programs that match your own needs and application direction

3 summer school application guidance

Summer school essays and interview coaching

Summer school visa and pre-travel counseling

Summer school period continued closer and answer questions

HEC customized summer school application service

Summer school application scheme

Through professional evaluation and interview screening, we can accurately position the students, and select the most suitable three for students to apply in many top summer school projects. According to the evaluation and interview results, Haas professional consultant teacher will customize a private summer school application scheme for the student and show it to the students and their parents.

Course training

For the top science and engineering summer school applicants who need training, we provide professional small class training courses, from lecturers to seminars, from thesis learning to practical research guidance, and make common progress under the leadership of excellent tutors.

Document guidance

For the applicants who need to submit documents, one-to-one document guidance is provided from brainstorming to first draft revision, and then to final draft review.

Interview guidance

For summer school applicants who need to be interviewed, conduct one-to-one interview guidance, analyze common interview questions, simulate the interview environment, and inform them of interview precautions.

Online application process

Help summer school applicants complete the whole online application process, such as registration, data submission, fee payment, etc.

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