HEC's every students have their own entrance consultant (SC) and bound to supervise (AC), consultant team with in-depth interviews (discovery), personality assessment, such as form, fully understand the students' comprehensive qualities, interest direction, professional direction, depth excavation student body and the advantages of flashing, help students to develop unique application strategy, for the main line, labeled, activities, and cooperate closely controls the time management, finally through the story of personalized document architecture and unique perspective, step by step to help students well before applying the advantage of platform, finally admitted to obtain ideal results.

HEC's American College Counselors (SC) are all local services, graduated from Ivy League or top 20 US universities, providing students with the most professional application planning, strategy development, major and college selection guidance, essay guidance and revision and other core application services. The Chinese college admission supervisor (AC) of HEC is mainly overseas returnees, who is responsible for coordinating and following up the application process of students, cooperating with the American college admission consultant to explore students' personality and interests, formulating practical application plans, following up and guiding students to complete various tasks of application and giving real-time feedback to parents.

At the same time, HEC has SD Department (Strategic Development Department). SD department collaborative SC and AC consultant team by helping students with academic ability promotion, promotion activity background, classroom experience and psychological quality, full range from different angles to "guide" and "inspired" students, give students fully accompany at the same time, let the student become a real creative thoughts and independent personality. The service concept of HEC Haas team based on "whole-person education" will help every dream sail.

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